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02 Mar 2018

Bycop-Anitex Cooperation

Bycop-Anitex Cooperation

Since the late 1970s, Bycop SAL has been innovating the home textile and home linen industry as leaders in manufacturing, importing, exporting, and distributing household linen products.

Our 45+ years of experience in manufacturing, production, and distribution along with our ISO-certified quality management allowed us to rise above our scope and cover the Middle East & GCC.

In 2018, a partnership with Anitex LLC, Armenia was established, further expanding our footprint.

Bycop SAL firmly believes that a company’s success depends on its partners' success. Our ongoing expansions enable us to enter new markets, strengthen our distribution, build more businesses, and increase brand awareness.

With both of our experience and Anitex’s wealth of history and achievements, we are confident that we can become leaders in the home textile and home linen industry in Armenia.

Our partnership is based on common goals and objectives:

-   Innovation

-   Resourcefulness

-   Experience

-   Client-focused services

We are keen on forging a long-term relationship with our partners around the world, inspiring innovative product design, sustainable growth, and quality products.