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05 Apr 2022

Champions Of Quality Management

Champions Of Quality Management

In April 2022, Bycop SAL implemented a quality management system, which has been ISO certified: ISO 9001:2015

This certification ensures Bycop’s commitment to quality performance and production.

This Quality Management System is applied throughout all operations in Manufacturing and Trading of bed and bath linen, uniforms and disposable medical supplies.

Proudly an ISO certified company in quality management, we are 100% compliant with ISO criteria, thus ensuring we meet the regulatory requirements.

The key aspects of our Quality Management System require the following:

• Standardizing and implementing all processes throughout the organization at all levels.

• Controlling work environment to ensure safety of products and staff.

• Continuously focusing on delivering quality standards, in conformity with Bycop’s specifications, throughout product manufacturing.

• Establishing a system for monitoring customer satisfaction with the objective of improving results.

• Ensuring and verifying that the Quality Management System abides by International Standards (ISO 9001:2015).

• Reviewing the Quality Management System periodically to guarantee ongoing efficiency and alignment with the strategic direction of the organization.

The Quality Management System provides the assurance that products supplied by Bycop SAL are in compliance with the crucial requirements of ISO and are manufactured to the highest principles of craftsmanship.